Playing Video Games is Good for Your Health: Top Seven Reasons Why


We’ve heard of people saying that video games are not good, especially for children. Some people say they are a total waste of time. This is why most parents do not want their children to play video games. Over the years, however, numerous studies and surveys have been done to disprove this belief. These studies tell us that, yes, video games have a positive effect on its players. There are five (and more!) reasons why video games have a positive effect on the health of a player.

1. FPS or First Person Shooter Games Help Improve the Cognitive Abilities of Players

First Person Shooter games allow players to use their cognitive skills when they need to determine what to do or where to go to either escape or defeat the enemy. A study conducted showed that players are more accurate and faster in paying attention to what’s happening around them. As such, their visual processing is enhanced. Additionally, FPS video game players are creative, particularly regarding solving problems.

2. Video Game Players Never Stop Until They Achieve Their Goal

Video game players do not stop playing just because they failed to win a game or two. Instead, they go back to the game and do everything all over again until they win and reach their goal. These players are high motivated and pumped for success. Although there may be times when they will be challenged, and they’ll get frustrated for a few minutes, they usually bounce back, determined to do better and finally reach their goal!

3. Video Game Players Know How to Control Their Emotions

Video game players are normally the ones who control the character they are playing. This means that they have the opportunity to control the game in a way that will help them achieve their goal or reach their destination. This allows them to react (sometimes unknowingly) positively or negatively. Likewise, players have countless opportunities to practice solving problems, while also learning to accept whatever happens to their game or character. This may not be easy, especially for beginners, but seasoned players are already familiar with this.

4. Video Game Players Know How to Socialize

Most of today’s video games offer players the chance to communicate with fellow players through chat. This is usually the case for multiplayer games. If a player wants to survive the game, he needs to team up or partner with another player. Therefore, he learns to communicate and coordinate with other players. Sometimes, he plays with other players as a team; other times, he is the enemy. Aside from learning the value of communication and coordination, players also learn the importance of cooperation. So even if a player is just on his desktop or laptop, he can reach out to others and socialize. In other instances, gamers in multiplayer games communities agree to meet regularly, just like what real friends do.

5. Video Game Players Develop Good Hand-Eye Coordination

Video game players use their eyes and hands a lot. In fact, they need to have good hand-eye coordination to play their game well. As such, video game playing is already a form of hand-eye exercise for them. Good hand-eye coordination is essential in carrying out important daily activities, especially the ones that require the coordinated use of the hand and eyes.

6. Video Game Players Understand the Importance of Sportsmanship

Video game players compete against each other. As time goes on, they start to learn and develop sportsmanship. This is important because it teaches them how to accept defeat and be determined to try again. This is important because it helps instill in them the value of fair play.

7. Video Games Are a Good Stress Reliever and Mood Enhancer

It has been proven time and again that video games are perfect stress relievers. Playing a game or two after a tough day in school can help someone calm down. In a span of 10 to 15 minutes, players already engrossed in what they are doing; as such, they forget all the stressors in their life and feel only the fun they get out of playing the video game. In addition to this, video games can be a good coping mechanism for those who are experiencing pain or any kind. It is an effective way of escaping from the realities of life; from the pain that he or she is feeling. It makes him or her temporarily forget whatever difficulty or burden he or she is feeling.

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