a1Silicon Knights is your online portal to anything and everything related to video games. It is a comprehensive electronic guide – a magazine – for video game players. It is your best resource for news, product launchings and updates, tips, tutorials, and whatever else you need to know about your favorite video games. Silicon Knights provides information that comes from the most reliable sources in the video gaming industry.

According to several online sources, over 150 million Americans play video games three or more hours per week. Video games sales total is pegged at more or less $13 billion. Of course, these numbers can grow in the coming years, as new games are released, and more people discover the wonders of video gaming. This population is the community that Silicon Knights caters to. The video gaming industry is its major client.

Silicon Knights was created in New York with the goal of connecting video game players throughout the country (and the world). It is a well-thought-out online magazine that offers an interesting mix of information and fun activities. It also features reviews and special write-ups submitted by readers. Silicon Knights also conveys its messages through videos and, from time-to-time, podcasts.

As the primary online portal for video game players, Silicon Knights is dedicated to providing only the most relevant and interesting information to its readers. Its content management team gathers materials from some of the most reliable sources in the industry. Likewise, the team always finds time to go out and research, to do interviews, and to try out games for reviews.

Silicon Knights is updated every Saturday and Sunday, so you are guaranteed to get only the freshest news and updates about the video gaming industry.